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Art Galleries of Tbilisi - Summer in Georgia
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Art Galleries of Tbilisi

What will you experience

Visiting Galleries

I am offering to visit the most interesting, both old and new, art galleries of Tbilisi in one day! From the Window Project on the main square to the building in the Soviet block outside the center, using the most convenient public transport – the subway! (or preferably, walking or a taxi) An average of 7-8 galleries!

Extra Activities

Depending on what’s most appealing at the given moment, I will manage a tour to attend shows, talks, film screening and/or a meeting with the show curator or the gallery owner.
Preferably, I can organize a dinner with the gallery owner/curator.

What’s included?

The tour will cover the visits to various galleries of Tbilisi, an introduction to their history and/or concept. The information about the present exhibition. A meeting with the gallery owner/curator.


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