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Reasons to visit Georgia - Summer in Georgia
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Reasons to visit Georgia

Breathtaking Nature

Saying that Georgia has a breathtaking nature can be taken quite literally. Especially when it comes to mountains around the whole country. With caucasus mountain range and the highest peak of almost 5200 meters from sea level this country can offer a great deal of adventure for hiking lovers as well as for nature admirers who prefer calmer environment.

Svaneti together with Tusheti and Kazbegi are top destinations for those who are planning trip in mountainous regions in Georgia. In Svaneti you can find highest village in Europe – Ushguli. Svaneti is a mysterious region where people still live with their ancient culture and traditions. Here you can find Unesco heritage towers scattered between high mountains of caucasus.

If you’re searching for a remote and preserved settlement with spectacular nature and untouched environment Tusheti is a definite place to visit. Also in a heart of caucasus mountains Tusheti is a well-preserved, wild region where you can find nature that exceeds any expectations and can hardly be described with words.

Tbilisi – Cultural Melting Pot

Surrounded and influenced by different cultures during different stage of the history Tbilisi is a cultural melting pot with a mix of european style, asian influences, soviet industrial style and modern architecture and culture. Here you can enjoy walking in Old Tbilisi neighbourhoods with colorful balconies and ornamented windows, visit sights of brutal architecture built in soviet era, enjoy famous sulfur baths, enjoy lively nightlife in clubs such as Basiani or Khidi  and this list can go further and further. Tbilisi is a true mix of modern and traditional, as well as a European, Asian and soviet styles. Capital of Georgia is pretty diverse when it comes to religion as well. Within a few blocks you can find Georgian Orthodox church, Armenian church, jewish synagogue and a mosque.

If you want to truly experience the spirit of the city walking in its streets in the day and afterwards joining the bustling night would be the best solution.


In the past decade Tbilisi has become a center of nightlife. Old city is packed with bars and pubs of different price range while nightclubs with excellent sound systems and world class DJs are becoming more and more popular around the globe. In 2016 Guardian’s referred Bassiani, most famous Georgian club as “the closest thing to Berghain you can find outside Berlin.”

So, Tbilisi shouldn’t be your last choice when it comes to nightlife and quality techno music.

Famous Georgian Cuisine

Although having a diverse nature and long history Georgian cuisine is most frequent reason of locals pride. Somehow, Khinkali is a part of every Georgian’s identity and Supra(feast table) is a kind of a sacred place for most of them. Georgian dishes are quite diverse and in traditional cuisine you can find dishes such as Khinkali with a lot of meat as well as plenty of dishes with a variety of cheese and also, wide choice of vegan cuisine. Another famous Georgian dish is Khachapuri, many foreigners compare it to Pizza that’s made solely with cheese. Anyway, it’s a must for every cheese lover and you won’t be disappointed.

As for the vegan dishes, you can find absolutely tasty vegan food in a traditional cuisine. It includes Mchadi, a kind of a bread baked with corn flour and which is best to be eaten hot with beans or with cheese for non vegans.

All in all, Georgian cuisine is fit for every taste and can easily exceed not so modest expectations.

Wine Homeland

Another thing that makes any Georgian proud is an ancient tradition of winemaking. 8000 year history of wine making is also an essential part of Georgian culture. Georgian wine is made in clay pots – giant vessels that are buried in the ground.

If you want to explore thousand year old tradition and get familiar with Georgian wine varieties, best place to visit is Kakheti region where you can visit local families and taste unique wine straight from the vessels.

Georgian people with sincere hospitality

In Georgia guest is someone to be cherished and treated with a greatest respect. Even though Georgia is still a relatively poor country people are ready to share every bit of their belongings with a guest. For them it’s a matter of pride to be a good host and to make the guests feel like gods. Number of tourists is growing year by year, however Georgian people are always glad to meet visitors of their country and help them to get best possible experience.

Together with other reasons that are worthwhile themselves, hospitable people is a reason enough to visit this country

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